You are currently viewing New R35 Nissan GTR 09-16 Rear Adjustable Camber Arms

New R35 Nissan GTR 09-16 Rear Adjustable Camber Arms

Our R35 rear camber arms are a great solution when your car has been lowered and the factory eccentric adjusters are maxed out. On our 2009 GTR test vehicle we achieved -3.5° to +4° relative to the stock control arm.

The bodies are made from high quality USA sourced 6061 aluminum which is CNC machined to its final shape. Our arms are extremely strong and as light as possible. Our standard MIL-A-8625 Type III hard anodizing is used to provide the most durable finish and provides a gunmetal grey color.  Our raw finish arms have no anodizing and are raw 6061 right as they come off the machine.  Due to 6061 having extremely high anti-rust and corrosion resistance properties you don’t have to worry about the finish deteriorating.

Chromoly turnbuckle adjusters paired with female rod ends are designed for ease of adjustment on the subframe end of the arms. FK 3-piece rod ends eliminate play from the stock worn bushings of the OEM arms thus improving handling and predictability.

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