About Us

Voodoo13 is an aftermarket automotive performance part manufacturer specializing in the production of MIL-SPEC grade suspension components for both street and track vehicles. All products are proudly engineered, manufactured and assembled at our facility in Mesa, Arizona using only the highest quality materials sourced from US suppliers.


Our Story

The evolution of motorsports has created more horsepower, faster speeds and technology that will not stop. Understanding that progression is inevitable, Voodoo13 was born to raise the standard in racing suspension.

Founded in 2013, the team set out to combine quality craftsmanship with MIL-SPEC standards to produce high quality suspension components that meet the requirements of modern motorsports. We headed to racetracks and drift courses across the globe to collect feedback from top tier drivers and technical directors to produce products unlike anything that had existed before.  

In just 6 years we have become a brand synonymous with quality craftsmanship. We have set ourselves apart from the competition by being trusted both on and off the track by professional drivers such as Formula Drifts’ Chris Forsberg, and enthusiasts all over the world.   

Today, we occupy a 100,000 Sq. Ft. warehouse in Mesa, Arizona where our engineers and machinists create innovative and exceptional parts, all under one roof. Our passionate team, cutting edge technology and commitment to raising the standard in racing suspension leaves us with no limits on what we can create.

Voodoo13 Suspension Components

What is "MIL-SPEC"?

“MIL-SPEC”, or, Military Specifications, is a standard used by the Department of Defense that requires machinery, weapons and tactical equipment to deliver at a specific level. These standards help ensure that products achieve certain requirements, ensure a high level of reliability, and more.

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