VOODOO 13 USA 2017 Drift Contingency Program

Are you #Running V13? Do you want to run V13?

If you are already running V13 or are planning on it, then VOODOO 13 USA has a program that could pay off.



Vehicle must be equipped with any Voodoo 13 suspension component, have Voodoo 13 stickers (at least 12” in length on a visible major body panel) and podium at an event.

Must be an approved event of caliber such as an approved Formula Drift Pro or Formula Drift Pro-Am event that has an amount of drivers worthy of the award.

Event images of product, vehicle, podium and trophy plus published results of your Top 3 finish must be presented to receive credit.


Top 3 Finish within an approved event will be awarded as follows:

1st– $500 cash

2nd– $250 cash

3rd– $100 cash

Form Downloads:



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