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Voodoo13 Honored with the SDC Data Excellence Award

Voodoo13 is proud to be honored with the SDC Data Excellence Award for earning and maintaining a Platinum level Scorecard with SEMA Data Co-Op 

Platinum is the highest status rating that can be achieved through the data management organization. 

The industry owned and operated centralized data repository, renowned for its comprehensive set of online data management tools, recently recognized distinguished brands for their Gold and Platinum level ScorecardsVoodoo13 is excited to be one of the distinguished.  

With the pending completion of our ISO 9001:2015 certification, stats exceeding our competitors, and now, our Data Excellence award for a Platinum level scorecard, we are proud to emerge as a leading brand in the industry. Since Voodoo13’s establishment, we have maintained a great effort to create high quality products for our customers, while sustaining relevant, quality data for our Dealer and Distributor partners. Our recognition as a Platinum status receiver reflects our dedication to our values and inspires us to continue raising the standard. 

Furthermore, the road to data excellence is a journey Voodoo13 is proud of traveling. Thanks to SDC, we have been able to optimize a significant part of our operations. Their four-level ranking system (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum) challenges manufactures to progressively improve their processeusing Scorecards. Each level comprises a complex range of receiver requirements, building with rigor as the level advances. At the pinnacle, the Platinum level, requirements of the receiver are the most demandingSDC set the bar high, and we rose to meet it.  

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