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VOODOO 13 USA & Chris Forsberg get 1st place and the points lead in the Formula Drift Championship

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For Immediate Release

April 7 2014

VOODOO 13 USA & Chris Forsberg get 1st place and the points lead in the Formula Drift Championship

VOODOO 13 USA, The suspension components manufacturer based in Gilbert, AZ has partnered with and sponsored Chris Forsberg Racing. Through the partnership VOODOO 13 and CFR have created a never before seen in the industry CFR VOODOO 13 Angle Kit. The Angle Kit was debuted in competition this past weekend at round 1 of the Formula Drift Championship in Long Beach, CA. The debut of the components proved to work so well Chris and his East coast based team earned 1st place while the judges and fans worldwide witnessed some of the most dynamic and smoothest driving in Formula DRIFT history.

The last time Chris saw a 1st place finish at the Formula DRIFT season opener was April of 2008. This weekend Chris seemed to be hungrier than ever behind the wheel of his now “darkside” dry carbon shrouded V8 Nitrous powered 370Z. The “Horsepower Wars” have been a lot of the talk during the off season but power is nothing if you can’t control it or “aim your weapon properly”.  The CFR VOODOO 13 Angle Kit has given Chris the confidence to properly guide his vehicle all the way to the top the podium. “The Voodoo13 CFR angle kit gave me the confidence I needed to push my car to the limit all weekend long. The proper equipment is needed now more than ever to win Formula Drift.” says Chris Forsberg

The Angle Kit starts with a single piece of 6061 alloy and machined down to prescribed specifications per the CFR team for the rigorous abuse and precision driving needed to win.

The Angle Kit alongside other VOODOO13 suspension arms and components are on all four corners of this Formula DRIFT Championship points leading vehicle. The CFR VOODOO13 Angle Kit is available for purchase as well as other parts for select chassis’ from drift, road race, street and even special projects direct from VOODOO13. The capabilities to design, develop, and manufacture parts utilizing the latest machinery and technology is what VOODOO 13 USA is proud to present. The Chris Forsberg success at round 1 of Formula Drift is a testament to the mission of VOODOO13.

For Updates on Chris Forsberg visit & @ChrisForsberg64

Photo Credit:  (Top) Drift Idiot, (Bottom) Larry Chen – Speedhunters




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