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Chris Forsberg takes VOODOO 13 USA to Championship status

Add a 2014 Formula Drift Championship title to the already 2009 FD Champion Chris Forsberg’s list of accolades.

After 7 exciting rounds of Formula Drift competition 5 of which Chris ended on the podium of which he was utilizing the brand new VOODOO 13 USA CFR angle kit on his Nissan V8 powered 370Z. VOODOO 13 USA debuted the brand, angle kit and progressive suspension Made In The USA manufacturer at SEMA show 2014 with rave reviews and immediately the industry and drivers questioned “how will it perform?”.

Given the debut of the brand & parts in one exciting year the results speak louder than words but Nick Jackson President of VOODOO 13 USA said “We couldn’t be more proud of Forsberg and his team, knowing that our VOODOO 13 parts were an instrumental part of his victory is something we’re excited about currently and for the future of parts manufacturing and development of more parts.”

The championship just adds to the creditability and performance of the VOODOO 13 USA parts and we can’t wait to push harder into new chassis’, parts and of course continue our support of “The Force”.

Expect a limited edition release from CFR & VOODOO 13 USA sooner than later.

Stayed tuned for all VOODOO 13 USA updates on the website, Instagtam, twitter and Facebook.

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